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story of a little girl's life and her feelings.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

shift venue

it been long since I board a nightrider bus.
most of the time, when there is no train, cab was the only one that comes to mind.
enjoyed the quiet journey from town to home.
looked at the 'scenery' that the bus will drive through.
I am definitely gonna miss those sights.
been always wanting to shift back to the east becos most of my friends are there.
my childhood place. place of familiarity.
but now that the shift is confirmed, I don't feel like leaving here.
which is weird becos I always want to shift.
it can only explains that humans, or rather me appreciate things when it gone.
oh well. just my plain ranting.


alone time is peace.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it's not my game

guess the title explains it all
it's not my game
i dont want to play

we had enough memories
happy moments
that was sufficient
to keep me happy
replaying those scenes

its like fairytale
so it has to come to an end
let it be now
stop dreaming and
wake up to reality

full stop

Saturday, December 29, 2012

december fun

friends' teasing begins everything. from nothing to feeling something.
seriously dunno what crap am i feeling about.
starts to think too much into words and actions.
maybe cos i barely know you thats why.
clarification with friends ends everything too.

we are merely friends.
or rather it's not the right time.
and i dunno your stand.
and i dunno mine either.

probably that's the results of being single too long.
shut it. stop it. forget it. let's just joke about it.
cheers to friendship!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

miss being in love

outta blue, i miss the feeling of having to like someone. to miss someone.


Monday, April 16, 2012


i love my family to bits!
enjoyed every single moment i spent with them.
even when it is just lazing at home on a Sunday.

Monday, March 26, 2012


i forgot the date, till i make a birthday card for my little boy 9th birthday.
his birthday falls on the anniversary date. 24march.
inevitably, memories flows back in the brain.
my iphone passcode used to be this date till someone spotted it.
time to change my card passcode as well.

probably the date would already mean nothing to you.
having to see you moving on with your life, i'm happy.
let everything remained in the past.
and, i able to get along with my life; slowly forgetting the meaning of this date.
somehow it still hurts. but i believe it will heal eventually.

being together for a long time doesnt seem to be a good idea.
cos it takes a longer time to heal. to let go of everything.
that the heart preferred to be protected by layers of wall.
don't want to hurt others. or be hurt.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

shifting place

shifting place
is the fourth time within 12months.
and finally i'm sure i going to stay put for at least a year.
:) because it is back to my very own home with my family members.

shifting place again and again is definitely not fun.
basically is becos i got too many stuff with me.
blame myself for buying so many clothes. =.=
each shift need a couple of trips.
and to pack them. and unpack them is killer as well.
not to mention, having to think where to stow all my stuff neatly.

and i did all these four times in a year!
i wonder how much brain cells and muscle cells died in the process.
but nevertheless, i have to do it.
today marks the first trip. hours spent. and i guess i need at least 2 more trips to go.
>.< please teleport my things over!


within the same 12 months. many things happened.
drastic changes in my life.
be it good or bad, it has already become reality, history.
i do think back from time to time.
i was happy then. and i am grateful for it.
i teared not because i regret, is because i really treasured those memories.
hereby, i wish for everyone to be happy everyday.
not everything may not be smooth, but take it as a challenge to brave through the tough times.
end of the day, you have a choice to live life happy or not.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bar order pad

darn. my bar order pad left onboard! :(
silly me, kept talking and talking that i totally forgot about my file till i take a taxi!
too late! hurhur.
got to re-do everything again. stupid me.


so happy to be in Paris with my gfs! ;)
adventure to disney paris! loving it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

happy birthday

happy birthday to myself.

peaceful birthday i sought for this year.
probably age is catching up.
the ultimate plan for myself is.. ..
no plan!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

scorching hot; abu dhabi

back from abu dhabi.
hot and scorching over there.
almost been camping in room for the entire stay.
if they hadnt been calling me out for meals,
i guess i would have camped in all the way.
but too paiseh to not turn up for any meal,
so i went for a meal; lunch.

ibrahimi if i didn't spell it wrongly, is the restaurant name.
as usual the curry, naan and briyani.
i didnt had them like for a pretty long time.
'how long have i not been to middle east?'
that is the duration of time i didn't eat their style of food.
yummy! prolly cos i hadn't eat it for a long time.
if you are a lamb chop lover, you still head here for LAMB Chop!
they say is good! *ps* i don't take lamb, so i have no idea.
i ate too full that i felt my tummy exploding!
and that is my one meal for the whole day.
couldn't eat any further.

back to home base on time. and couldn't wait to get home to wash up
and head back to my parents place. :) missing my bed so much.
and yes, wished my housemate "happy birthday! :)"
before i left the house.
and here i am, at my parents place blogging. hehe.


certain time of the day. certain words people speak of.
reminds me the bits and pieces of past i spent with you.